Our top-tier online training program

All the great weekly workouts and custom drills of our regular Virtual Academy program, plus a personal coach to track and guide your progress

Virtual Academy PRO

Take It To The Next Level

VA Pro is for dedicated athletes who want personalized, detailed instruction on how to truly improve their game, and who want to be held accountable for putting in the work to expedite their growth. Just like our regular Virtual Academy program, every week you will get custom workouts with video and drill instructions developed specifically by LOCALHOOPS. With VA Pro you also get to select a specific coach who will individually track and guide your progress using the Famer app. Your coach will review videos of you executing our custom skill-building drills and give you personal 1:1 evaluation, feedback and corrections using telestrations, voiceovers, and other cool Famer features. Click the image for a brief video on how Famer works.

First Session

Aug. 10th - Sept. 6th


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Sign Up Steps:

  1. Download Famer in the App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile phone 

  2. Click ‘Sign In’, enter your phone number, and you will receive a confirmation code via text message

  3. Enter the confirmation code to verify your phone number

  4. Create your player card and select ‘LOCALHOOPS Training Academy’ as your club

  5. Select the ‘Famer One’ option

  6. Select your coach

  7. Add a payment method

  8. Click on 'Send Request'

  9. Your coach will send you an acceptance message, which could take up to 24 hours

  10. Go to the 'Schedule' tab and view your assigned workouts

  11. Choose a workout and begin your training!